We know that getting more data every day is becoming easier and easier. But are you able to get the best out of this increasing amount of data? At Oney Data, our daily work is to deal with data; we strive to help you transform this big data into a smart and actionable one that will allow you to improve your brand, category management and customer relationship.

Regardless of the type of data you have, first, second or third party data (weather, socio-demo, social media, etc.), we can help you define the right set of data and the right way to use it.

Our goal is to help you increase brand profitability and get the best value out of the data through an optimized category management and a high customizable CRM.

In order to achieve this, we use best-in-class algorithms, including machine learning and artificial intelligence combining them with powerful data visualization and turning the complex into simple and actionable.


How to optimize my assortment by store format? What is the best shelf-layout for my categories? How to increase the impact of my promotions? A better usage of the data is key to help you answer these questions, among manyothers, and generate more value for your business.


Putting your customers at the heart of your strategy is one of the key success factors of the fast-growing retailers, online and offline. We can support you at every step for this customer strategy, from its set-up to its execution, allowing you to increase your customers’ loyalty and grow your customer base.