Category management


How to optimize my assortment by store format?
What is the best shelf-layout for my categories?
How to increase the impact of my promotions?
How to manage the performances of my salesforce?

A better usage of the data is key to help you answer these questions, among many others, and generate more value for your business.

We will help you identifying the accurate KPIs and the most promising angle to draw a category management strategy and commercial actions that optimize your performances.

At Oney Data, we get fully involved in every project. We track the implementation of the actions plans we have put together. As a result, we enrich the analysis and make them increasingly efficient using machine-learning algorithms.


What are my best performers?
What are my weaknesses?
Where, why and how should I invest money into actionable plans?
What are my priorities for short-term actions?
How can I replicate my working strategies?

Based on your business and your objectives, we can use our analytical tools to find the most effective means of helping you to answer these questions at a product, brand and retailer level. With our analyses, we go deeper into your performances to find the “reason why” of eventual issues. Once the problems are identified, we will support you in resolving them and in developing best practices.

You will save money by focusing on your real weaknesses and exploiting your strengths: That’s the power of data.


How to negotiate my assortment with my retailers?
How to optimize my assortment by retailer and store format?
How to integrate the multi-format approach into my assortment strategy?

At Oney Data, we provide an diagnosis on your current assortment, build decision trees, identify the needs of the different units and we draw a precise map of your assortment defining KPIs on loyalty, exclusivity, sustainability, etc.

We help you build the most accurate assortment strategy per retailer and per format. Our data analysis is a concrete support to improve your presentation during negotiations with retailers.

We will challenge your current assortment decisions to optimize your sales, your stock, your negotiations and increase your customers satisfaction.


How to build my (e-)merchandising strategy per format?
How can I draw the most efficient customer journey?
What are my cross-merchandising opportunities?

At Oney Data, we believe that each one of your customer baskets provides a unique insight about your customers and what they are looking for. We help you understand it and put your customers at the heart of your merchandising strategy especially for category signposting.

This allows you to tailor the store-layout and e-merchandising to each retailer, store format and region, without forgetting the potential of cross-sell between your own brands or with partners.

We will help you smooth out your customers’ journey so that they can find the right products at the right place.

pricing &

How can I build my pricing strategy?
What is my actual price position?
How can I build the best promotional strategy?
What promotions should I implement to recruit new customers?
How can I reward and engage my loyal customers better?

By using predictive methodology, we can anticipate your overall incremental, your recruitment, cannibalization and stock effect. We will help you build your promotion strategy, fill it with the  promotion mechanics with the most impact, and monitor it closely.

Promotions could be very tricky; cherry pickers are everywhere and promotion sales don’t always come with incremental revenues. We will help you avoid pitfalls, generate long-term traffic and incremental revenues.

We provide you well-designed promotion strategies that create value for you, but also for retailers.

New product

What are the market opportunities within my categories?
Are there customers’ needs my assortment doesn’t address?
What are the impact of my launches?

We develop analyses that identify the best products to launch according to your goals and estimate the potential for them and for their category. Recruit new customers on a specific segment, increase your loyal customers’ baskets, fill a category gap: these are all situations for which customers’ data will help find the best answers.

We will be at your side during and after the launch with detailed monitoring of incremental sales, cannibalization level, customers’ switching behaviors, repeat purchases, etc.. All of that allows you to identify the key moments to launch CRM campaigns on specific segments, flyers, and other marketing actions.

At Oney Data, we take pride in making every new product launch a skyrocket success.