“Turning on your data potential” is what drives us every day. Our team of data consultants, scientists, BI and IT is always here to help you get the most of your data, all of your data. Optimize your categories, personalize your communication, monetize your data. We take pride in helping you create value for your business.

As data experts, we offer you accurate analysis for your businesses, using different technologies such as a SaaS Platform and big data, advanced algorithms, machine learning, predictions and modeling approaches. What makes Oney Data different from our competitors is that we make it simple, clear and easily understandable: Our goal is to make our analysis match your business identity, strategy and challenges.

Therefore, we will listen and help you forge a customer-oriented business strategy. We will talk about category management, trade marketing, merchandising, CRM, personalization, mass-media campaigns, assortment and more. We will speak your language and help you make data complexity simple and actionable!


Your data is a valuable asset and we give you the opportunity to utilize it further. Beyond the direct revenues you will be able to create from its monetization, strengthening your partnerships and collaborations with your suppliers will help you grow the categories together.


How to optimize my assortment by store format? What is the best shelf-layout for my categories? How to increase the impact of my promotions?
Better usage of the data is key to helping you answer these questions, among many others, and generate more value for your business.


Putting your customers at the heart of your strategy is one of the key success factors of the fast-growing retailers, online and offline. We can support you at every step for this customer strategy, from its set-up to its execution, allowing you to increase your customers’ loyalty and grow your customer base.