Customer Engagement


Putting your customers at the heart of your strategy is one of the key success factors of the fast-growing retailers, online and offline. We can support you at every step of this customer strategy, from its setup to its execution, allowing you to increase your customers’ loyalty and grow your customer base.

We will provide you with analysis of your customer data so that you will better know your current and future clients. Together, based on this knowledge, we will build an accurate customer strategy and communication plan that mixes personalization and mass media campaign.

It is our goal and pleasure to help you making the most memorable customer experiences thanks to the use of complex data made simple.


Who are my customers?
How can I understand their habits?
How can I engage them the best way?
How should I talk to them?

In order to engage your customers, you have to know them well. At Oney Data, we draw a picture of your shopper base with proper segmentations that help you improve your marketing efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

All segmentations should be accurate and useful; our job is to understand your needs and your business objectives in order to draw upon the most appropriate segmentations for you. A RFM segmentation for your CRM plan, a lifestyle segmentation to get a holistic view of your customers, a Shopping Mission segmentation for a merchandising strategy, a Price Sensitivity segmentation to elaborate pricing strategy. Other data such as age, profession, life stage and external data can be integrated depending on your goal.

We are convinced that customer knowledge is at the heart of a memorable customer experience. We give you access to this knowledge by turning on your data potential.


How can I develop a customer-centric strategy?
How should I reward my customers?
Which customers should I recruit to grow my business?

We will help you draw the best customer strategies. We will be at your side helping you identify the segments you should address and how to address them.

Rewarding your loyal customers, retaining your churning customers, attracting new ones. All these are challenges we want to tackle with you by providing you the right insights based on customer knowledge, customers’ expectations and consumption patterns. We will identify the best customers to recruit, design the most appropriate offer for them and estimate their potential.

Our mission is to help you provide the right offer to the right customer through the right media at the right time.

communication mix

How should I choose the best media to target my customers?
How could I optimize my communication investments?
How should I build a CRM that satisfies both my customers and my performances?

At Oney Data, we identified three main types of communication: mass media, one-to-few and one-to-one; all of them could be offline and online and all of them could be valuable for your business. We will help you choose the best communication mix to improve your ROI.

Mass media is a very expensive communication choice because it attracts cherry pickers, often creates cannibalization and a stocking effect, is visible to your competitors and difficult to measure the results. When mass media is really beneficial for your business and for example drives traffic to your stores or websites, we will help you optimize it. But we will also help you grow and improve the effectiveness of personalized communication.

We take pride in defining a well-balanced communication mix in which personalization supports mass media communication and vice versa. This will have a great overall impact of your communication and your promotion budgets will remain contained.


How could I engage my customers?
How should I choose the right offer for them?
How can I target them with the best media at the best suited media at the best time?

Personalization is not only a strong tool to engage your loyal clients, but also a means of expanding occasional customers using attractive and accurate offers. It has the advantage of being less public, less risky, more efficient from an engagement perspective than mass-media communication.

We will help you design personalized promotions campaigns targeted to your goals that will make your customers feel rewarded and willing to even more engaged, increasing the ROI. We also provide you potentials for each of the personalization campaigns that we draw up so that you can choose the one that best fits your goals.

We will prove to you that personalization can be massive in terms of reach and in terms of value generated for you and your customers.